VoIP Phone Service for Your Business!

Choosing your VoIP service with EasyVoIP is simple because we’ve designed a one-size-fits-all plan that perfectly caters to every business need. For just $17 a month, you get access to our comprehensive VoIP services that promise to streamline your communication like never before. Our plan is straightforward, with transparent pricing and access to all features, ensuring EasyVoIP enhances your business communication without any hassle.

Professional Business Phone System

Opting for EasyVoIP isn’t just upgrading your phone system; it’s a total communication revolution for your business. We handle everything from setup to number porting for a clear, monthly fee. Imagine having intuitive IVR, crystal-clear voicemail, robust eFax solutions, and even on-hold music at your fingertips. Stay seamlessly connected whether you’re on your smartphone, desktop, or even via a web browser. And the best part? No hidden costs — everything’s upfront. Welcome to the EasyVoIP experience, where we make communication effortlessly simple!


Wave goodbye to the days of dropped calls and shaky connections. EasyVoIP is all about delivering crystal-clear, uninterrupted calls. Imagine diving into those crucial conversations with the assurance that we’re right there, ensuring everything runs smoothly. With EasyVoIP, step into a world of flawless communication, where the only thing you’ll need to worry about is what you’ll say next, not whether you’ll be heard. It’s communication redefined, hassle-free, and tailored for your peace of mind.


As your business flourishes, you need a communication system that grows with you. That’s where EasyVoIP shines. Effortlessly add users, expand to new sites, or boost your features as your needs evolve. All this, without ever sacrificing quality or reliability. And the best part? It’s as straightforward as it gets. Zero complications, just efficient, scalable communication solutions tailored for your ever-evolving business journey.


At EasyVoIP, we believe in top-notch communication that’s also kind to your wallet. Our services start at just $15 per user, offering high-quality VoIP without skimping on features or functionality. This means smooth connections, easy collaboration, and happy finances. Because great communication shouldn’t mean a great big bill, and with EasyVoIP, it really doesn’t.

Mobile Ready

EasyVoIP Connect

Introducing EasyVoIP Connect, your mobile business communication ally. Available on both iPhone and Android, it brings the power of effortless call navigation to your fingertips. With this app, all of EasyVoIP’s advanced features are pocket-sized. From voicemail to call forwarding and conference calls, it’s all just a tap away. Perfect for the on-the-go professional, our app ensures you never miss a beat, whether at your desk or grabbing coffee. Elevate your business conversations with unmatched convenience and flexibility. Download EasyVoIP Connect and let’s start talking a different way.

Why EasyVoIP?

EasyVoIP is the ultimate VoIP phone solution that’s reliable, scalable, and easy on your budget. It’s a breeze to set up and comes loaded with everything you need — call forwarding, voicemail, conference calls, and virtual extensions. This user-friendly system is your ticket to cost-effective flexibility, boosting communication and teamwork like never before. With 24/7 customer support and a commitment to client happiness, EasyVoIP stands tall as the go-to choice for businesses ready to enhance their sync and communication game.

EasyvoIP Connect Web App

Welcome to EasyVoIP’s Connect web app, your one-stop command center for call management across Windows, Mac, or any web browser. This intuitive interface lets you monitor calls, record, and access detailed reports with ease. It’s equipped for managing call queues, setting up forwarding, voicemail, and effortless call transfers. Designed for simplicity yet loaded with powerful features, our interface makes call management straightforward and effective. Dive in without the setup hassle, and elevate your phone system capabilities with EasyVoIP Connect. It’s call management, simplified and empowered.

Customizable IVR

Navigating a phone system should be easy, right? With EasyVoIP, you can craft your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu. It’s like handing your callers a digital map straight to the right department or person. Easy, professional, organized – that’s how we roll. Now your customers get to where they need to be without the runaround. Now, isn’t that a better way to do business?

Virtual Faxing

In the EasyVoIP universe, we say goodbye to the clunky old fax machine and hello to the future. With our virtual faxing, documents can zoom from our fax portal to anywhere in the world, no paper or toner in sight. Just simple, straightforward business. Now, isn’t that a load off your desk?

Voicemail to Email

Say hello to voicemail that works around your schedule, not against it. With EasyVoIP’s voicemail-to-email feature, your messages land neatly in your email as audio files, ready to be played when you’re good and ready. No more juggling devices or struggling to keep track – just you, your messages, and the freedom to listen when it suits you.

Businesses are talking

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I recently switched to EasyVoIP for our companies phone system and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. The service is incredibly user-friendly and their support team is always available to assist with any questions or issues. The quality of the call is crystal clear and the added features such as call forwarding and voicemail make it a comprehensive solution. The pricing is also very competitive compared to other providers. I highly recommend EasyVoIP to any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective VoIP service.”

“EasyVoIP has exceeded my expectations as a business VoIP provider. Their user-friendly service, clear call quality, and helpful support team make it a top choice for any business.”

“EasyVoIP is the ultimate solution for all my business’s communication needs.”

“EasyVoIP has enhanced our team collaboration with its seamless integration into Microsoft Teams.”