Fanvil VoIP Phones Solutions 

At EasyVoIP, we proudly feature Fanvil VoIP Phones, including the Fanvil conference phone. These devices offer affordability, premium quality, and feature-rich interfaces, aligning perfectly with our mission to provide top-notch, cost-effective business telephone solutions.

Fanvil V-Series phones

Fanvil v62

Elevate your business communication experience with the cost-effective and feature-rich Fanvil V62 Essential Business Phone, an excellent choice for small to medium enterprises.


  • Display: 2.7-inch (192 x 64) Dot-matrix Screen
  • DSS Keys: 15
  • SIP Lines: 6
  • Connectivity:
    • USB Type A : Enables connection to USB headset, Bluetooth USB Dongle, or WiFi USB Dongle
    • Bluetooth: Via BT20 USB Dongle
    • Wireless: Via WF20 USB Dongle
    • Plan: Included with our Phone License+ plan

Fanvil v64

Experience seamless communication with the Fanvil V64 Prime Business Phone, the epitome of quality and functionality that suits perfectly for growing and dynamic enterprises.


  • Display: 3.5-inch 480×320 Color Screen
  • DSS Keys: 21
  • SIP Lines: 12
  • Connectivity:
    • USB Type A (x1): Allows connection to a USB headset
    • Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
    • WiFi: Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz
    • Plan: Enhance your Desktop Phone+ plan with the V64, available at an addition of $2/month with EasyVoIP.

Fanvil x-series phones

Fanvil X5U

Unlock a new dimension of business communication with the Fanvil X5U Enterprise Phone. Designed with dual color screens and enhanced line keys equipped with LED lights, the X5U stands as a beacon of flexibility and productivity, adeptly meeting varied business demands.


  • Main Screen: 320×240 2.8-inch Color Screen
  • Side Screen: 320×240 2.4-inch Color Screen
  • DSS Keys: 30
  • SIP Lines: 12
  • Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth: Via USB Dongle
    • WiFi: Via USB Dongle
    • Plan: Included with our Phone License+ plan

Fanvil X6U

Upgrade your business communications effortlessly with the Fanvil X6U, our high-end enterprise phone. This powerhouse features three vibrant color displays and built-in Bluetooth, crafted to enhance productivity and flexibility in any business setting.


  • Main Screen: 480×272 4.3-inch Color Screen
  • Side Screens: Two 320X240  2.4-inch Color Screens
  • DSS Keys: 60
  • SIP Lines: 20
  • Bluetooth: Built-In
  • WiFi: Accessible via USB Dongle
  • Plan: Enhance your Desktop Phone+ plan with the X6U, available at an addition of $2/month with EasyVoIP.