We asked the Steven Kelly Alfa Insurance agency to give us a quick rundown of their desire to change phone systems, how they felt the process went, and how they feel about their UCaaS platform now that they’ve made the transition to EasyVoIP, below are their feelings.

Background: Steven Kelly Alfa Insurance, a local agency providing various insurance services, faced significant communication challenges. Their inability to communicate via text messaging with customers, a preferred method in today’s fast-paced environment, hindered efficient client interactions.

Challenge: The agency’s previous provider did not offer text messaging capabilities, which limited their ability to send vital information like ID cards, proof of insurance, and quotes quickly and efficiently, especially for clients who prefer or require text communication.

Solution: Seeking a more versatile communication solution, the agency turned to EasyVoIP. Impressed by the friendly and efficient approach of Kyle and his team, and attracted by the affordability of the service, Steven Kelly Alfa Insurance chose to switch to EasyVoIP.

Implementation: The transition to EasyVoIP was smooth, with Kyle ensuring a simple and enjoyable implementation process. The new system was set up with minimal disruption, facilitating an immediate enhancement in office communication.


  • Enhanced Communication: The introduction of the text messaging feature via EasyVoIP has been transformative, allowing staff to efficiently communicate with clients directly from their computers.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The shared text messaging system enables different staff members to assist clients promptly, ensuring continuous and effective client service.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Clients appreciate the convenience of receiving essential documents and information via text, improving overall customer experience.

Conclusion: EasyVoIP’s solution has not only solved a key communication challenge for Steven Kelly Alfa Insurance but also opened doors for further operational improvements. With plans for future growth, the agency looks forward to utilizing more features offered by EasyVoIP.

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 10/10